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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Saturday!

The boys and I were home yesterday. No school because of Good Friday. We puttered around the house in the morning, and they went to friends' houses for the afternoon. Gary and I actually got to take an uninterrupted rest together!
We heard cool weather was coming, but are always doubtful. A cold front down here in Florida usually means it will be 80 instead of 90 (hee...hee). But we woke to an absolutely wonderful morning, and are even keeping the doors and windows open. Pollen be vanished!!!! The dogs are having a fine time, galloping around the back yard today. They love the cool weather too.
Gary and the boys bought me some new rose bushes for my birthday this week. Peter is going to help plant them in the yard today. They have some fantastic foliage and huge blooms already! They picked out "Don Juan" and "Tiffany" varieties from a local nursery...the fragrance is perfect. Too many of the roses these days have the fragrance bred out of them due to allergies. Flowers are supposed to smell like flowers darn it!
Anyway....I am off to get some outside time. This evening, I have a date with some 15 year old boys who want to see the new Quentin Tarentino flick "Grindhouse". Not what I would have picked for a Saturday night out but they need to be supervised. Gary wouldn't be caught dead in a movie like this, so it's up to me to chaperone. TJ and Jody are going to try to get a sitter for Mike so we can all go together. I pity TJ if he comes, becaue he will have to put up with us girls gagging at all the zombie-puss I read fills the first part of the show!
Come back tomorrow for an update!

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