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Sunday, April 8, 2007

I survived GRINDHOUSE....

Well...nobody can say that I am not a cool mom ever again!
Ben and I met up with Dakota and Anthony at the movies last night. We had awesome seats for what is probably going to become a cult classic. It had the perfect recipe for success---zombies, lots of ugly sores and rashes, raunchy characters and of course, a sexy vixen to save the day! Quentin Tarentino and Michael Rodriguez did a great job. If you are a James Brolin fan ( I used to watch Marcus Welby, MD just to see him) then you will be shocked to see that his son looks just like him! WOW--it was pretty freaky.
Anyway........the movie was a long one, and it was a double feature. The funniest thing was that there were a few movie goers in the audience who did not know the scenario and left after the first feature! DUH---DING!!!!!!!!! Lots of great actors had small roles in this movie, and it would be fun to see it again just to figure out who is there...I guess I will wait for it to come on cable though.
Ben and his friends think that I ROCK!!!!!!!!


Jules said...

Darlin' you are one hot Mama! Look at your bloggin'self! Love it! Go R0z Go

remind me to share some of my Rocky Horror Cult memories with you some time...OH BRAD!

Eljay said...

Ok so I know you told Jules about your blog but I came to check it out also! Great job! I love it. Grindhouse.. you are a better woman than I am, I would have to draw the line at that one!

Michele L from Tampa said...

I knew I liked you from the moment I met you at Paradise Found wekend! I went to see Grindhouse too! I love Quint - I was just so excited about the real trailor for the Rob Zombie remake/prequal of Halloween! I love horror movies! The only thing that gets me are needles - yes I hated her 3 friends in the movie lol

Michele L

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