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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Up and Running...finally

Believe it or not, I have been wanting to get set up with a blog since August. Things have been busy around here, and I finally got this done today, April 3! We just got back to school after a pretty quiet spring break. Peter hung out in the pool with his friends, Ben went to a few movies and caught up on his reading, Gary and David spent the week in the Caribbean aboard Explorer of the Seas while Gary acted as visiting scientist ( of course, they also had fun snorkeling and exploring the islands). I worked on some of my crafts as well as resting my sore ankle. In our house, the biggest adventure of the week was Peter running after the dogs as they escaped through the fence a few times...Loki enjoying the freedom of running down the street. Thor and Baloo were great and stayed around the house, coming inside obediently when called. But, the name Loki is fitting for him, as he is named after the Norse god of mischief!

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