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Monday, May 7, 2007

Cruise Memories...

Iam back from our short but memorable cruise to the Bahamas with the Hilltop Memories scrapbookers. Twenty two scrapbooking gals showed the world ( or at least a small part of it) that scrapbookers are not dowdy! Whoever wrote that article for the Washington Post should have shadowed us for a few days. Let's see...what happens with the girls, stays with the girls...but I can tell you a few highlights...with photos! We have a new layout challenge entitled
"And They Thought We Were Scrapbooking!!??", it will probably be a long time before Jayne goes through the drive-through at McDonald's, but she may be buying a new purse soon, Maxine had a close encounter of an amazing kind...and Linda learned to appreciate dancing around the pool deck. Next time, the rubbersuit girls are going on board as entertainment...and not just cruisers!


Michele L from Tampa said...

Had a blast, until our next adventure! Hope you can make it to some more! Great seeing you and Kelsey again.

:Jayne said...

I think we WERE the entertainment! All the dancing and partying kept a few other cruisers entertained!


Jules said...

Too much fun! Can't wait til the next time,
your Rubber Suit Smoochie Girl,

Robin said...

Hi Roz!!! Found your blog! :-) Had a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat time getting to know you and Kelcey. Hope to do it all again next year.... :-)Robin

mcewen said...

And a good time was had by all!

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