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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Splitcoast Girls Meet in Brevard!


Yesterday, a group of 17 girls got together at Charlie and Jakes in Suntree before we headed over to the library for an afternoon of stamping fun. We had all met on the Splitcoast chat boards, where Amy and Robin decided to organize a face-to-face shoebox swap. Things could not have gone better if we had tried! Charlie and Jakes was great, we met outside and chatted while we waited for them to open. Some of the girls from out of town shopped at Scrapbook Cottage before lunch. Linda found out that the library was ready for us early, so off we went. I don't think that anyone left any major items home, and all the cards were wonderful! I will try to get back in to label the cards and their designers, but I cannot promise anything. Sorry. The afternoon flew by, with everyone busily working and chatting as if we had known each other forever. It was so much fun, and we all have so much in common, that we are definitely going to do this more often!
Hugs to all....
I can only post 4 photos, so head to my picasa album to see the rest....
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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Dana Lea tagged me and the rule is that I need to share 7 things with you and then tag 7 more people. Here goes....!
1. I have been good friends with my husband since we were 12 years old (we were dancing at a friend's Bar Mitzvah party, my cousin was the dj and boy did I hear it when I got home!).
2. We just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, and we were 22 when we got married.
3. I have been a teacher of children with special needs since 1985.
4. I attended a tiny all-girls teaching college outside Harvard Square (Cambridge MA). My aunt also attended the same college (LESLEY) and is a teacher, too.
5. To earn spending money in my childhood summers, my brother Stan and I used to dive for sea clams, fish, and collect mussels from the jetties then sell them to the fishmarket in Menemsha (Martha's Vineyard). We made good money doing this!
6. The weirdest but true fish story that I can tell is the time I was fishing for fluke from a sunfish sailboat and ended up catching a 28 lb striped bass.
7. My husband promised me we would only be in Florida for 2 years...that was in 1985 and we haven't moved yet! It is much more pleasant now, but the funniest comment I heard when I moved was "You know you are in the sticks/boonies when Velveeta is found in the gourmet food section of the local grocery store!" That made me cry when I first moved here, because I hated it so much!
8. The photo shows the reason why I am the luckiest person I can family!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Playtime today

I was able to get some time today to work on some proects. First, I have been wanting to make one of these squash books for a long time. I got the directions from Splitcoast Stampers and Beate has them on her blog, too. I used photos from our recent trip to Sea World. I decorated both the front and the back, but am only posting one side, plus a close up of a section. It looks complicated, but really wasn't. I am going to teach this at an upcoming class. The cardstock base is just "generic" blue cardstock. It coordinated nicely with some Sea World paper and stickers that I had gotten a while ago.
My next card was inspired by something I had seen while cruising blogs. I am not sure whose card inspired me, but thanks! I was reading suggested uses for the Spiral Binding Punch from Stampin Up and somewhere it said to use it to make black cardstock look like film negatives. I made this beach scene card using Tempting Turquoise cs, Close to Caramel CS with the seashell wheel in chocolate chip. The stamp set is SPLASH! from The Angel Company, and I used watercolor crayons for color. The beachball has crystal effects to make it look like vinyl. The button in the top left is orange, with a funky sun on it...I cannot remember the company, it was in my stash. It came out
really cute. I am looking forward to playing with this technique more.

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fun at Sea World

Thursday morning Gary was bored and figured we could use a trip to Orlando. Ben was not feeling up to it, so David, Peter, Gary and I got dressed and headed out. The day was pretty overcast, and that seemed to make it even more humid and hot! We haven't been to Sea World in a while, and the boys immediately wanted to go to the stingrays and dolphins. Quite a few changes have been made, not all are impressive. We decided to see the Blue Horizons was awesome! The dolphins and false killer whales were paired up with some aerialists, to tell a quaint little story. The acrobatics were wonderful. It was a good show! We got a bite to eat ( definitely not a good choice, prices went up and quality went down) then headed for Kracken, the Sea Lions, manatees and the penguins. Finally, we ended up at the shark encounter. By this time, we were all hot and tired, so we decided to call it a day. As Gary and I get teacher study passes, it is feasible for us to get the boys their season passes and come back again. All in all, it was a few hours of fun to break up a dreary Thursday.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

photos from the 4th...

David enjoys the hanging chair out by the pool
while the kids and Jackie enjoy a relaxing swim....
Peter shows his surprise at how well the store-bought fireworks do
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

Mom and Dad arrived at the house a little after noon today. We visited with them for about an hour before the rest of our friends began arriving. Fred, Jackie, Nando, Tati and Pops were the first to arrive. The clouds were rolling in by this time, so we hung out inside. Trudy, Kristy and Emmanuelle arrived next, followed shortly afterwards by Mark. We enjoyed a nice feast of chicken, killer dip (aka mexican 7 layer dip), fresh melons and veggies, special corn bread, and salsa. The sun came out, and the kids headed for the pool. Dad and Gramps hit it off really nicely, as they have a lot in common. The men sat arund the dining room table, and the women headed outside with the kids.
After dark, the boys headed to the front yard to shoot off some small fireworks. For today, life in the wolfepak is good.

Monday, July 2, 2007


On Saturday mornings, Peter likes to go to the skate park. They have free lessons, and Peter gets better each time he goes. He is having fun and making new friends each week.
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playtime at last...

As summer school wrapped up last Friday, I had time to play over the weekend. I have this stamp set that the kids loved a few years ago. She hasn't come off the shelf for a while so I thought she needed to come out and play! I used my cuttlebug and some glitter to add some pizzazz...I even had a dolphin eyelet for fun! The colors are from Rich Regals(Stampin Up), and I used watercolor crayons to color her in.
Then, my cute little Penny Black cow came in the mail and I just had to play with her....I have seen some fun cards she has graced! We all think she is just MOO---tiful! Yes, the cow jokes were rampant at our house this weekend...the boys came up with some zingers! Jody and I were in stitches as we was pretty hokey! The colors are from the Bold Brights ( Stampin Up), I had the ribbon and brads, and she is colored with watercolor crayons.
Look for some scrapbooking in the next few days...I really have gotten behind in that!

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