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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fun at Sea World

Thursday morning Gary was bored and figured we could use a trip to Orlando. Ben was not feeling up to it, so David, Peter, Gary and I got dressed and headed out. The day was pretty overcast, and that seemed to make it even more humid and hot! We haven't been to Sea World in a while, and the boys immediately wanted to go to the stingrays and dolphins. Quite a few changes have been made, not all are impressive. We decided to see the Blue Horizons was awesome! The dolphins and false killer whales were paired up with some aerialists, to tell a quaint little story. The acrobatics were wonderful. It was a good show! We got a bite to eat ( definitely not a good choice, prices went up and quality went down) then headed for Kracken, the Sea Lions, manatees and the penguins. Finally, we ended up at the shark encounter. By this time, we were all hot and tired, so we decided to call it a day. As Gary and I get teacher study passes, it is feasible for us to get the boys their season passes and come back again. All in all, it was a few hours of fun to break up a dreary Thursday.

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