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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

Mom and Dad arrived at the house a little after noon today. We visited with them for about an hour before the rest of our friends began arriving. Fred, Jackie, Nando, Tati and Pops were the first to arrive. The clouds were rolling in by this time, so we hung out inside. Trudy, Kristy and Emmanuelle arrived next, followed shortly afterwards by Mark. We enjoyed a nice feast of chicken, killer dip (aka mexican 7 layer dip), fresh melons and veggies, special corn bread, and salsa. The sun came out, and the kids headed for the pool. Dad and Gramps hit it off really nicely, as they have a lot in common. The men sat arund the dining room table, and the women headed outside with the kids.
After dark, the boys headed to the front yard to shoot off some small fireworks. For today, life in the wolfepak is good.

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