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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Dana Lea tagged me and the rule is that I need to share 7 things with you and then tag 7 more people. Here goes....!
1. I have been good friends with my husband since we were 12 years old (we were dancing at a friend's Bar Mitzvah party, my cousin was the dj and boy did I hear it when I got home!).
2. We just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, and we were 22 when we got married.
3. I have been a teacher of children with special needs since 1985.
4. I attended a tiny all-girls teaching college outside Harvard Square (Cambridge MA). My aunt also attended the same college (LESLEY) and is a teacher, too.
5. To earn spending money in my childhood summers, my brother Stan and I used to dive for sea clams, fish, and collect mussels from the jetties then sell them to the fishmarket in Menemsha (Martha's Vineyard). We made good money doing this!
6. The weirdest but true fish story that I can tell is the time I was fishing for fluke from a sunfish sailboat and ended up catching a 28 lb striped bass.
7. My husband promised me we would only be in Florida for 2 years...that was in 1985 and we haven't moved yet! It is much more pleasant now, but the funniest comment I heard when I moved was "You know you are in the sticks/boonies when Velveeta is found in the gourmet food section of the local grocery store!" That made me cry when I first moved here, because I hated it so much!
8. The photo shows the reason why I am the luckiest person I can family!

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