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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Kelcey and I just got back a little while ago from the MS CROP for Hope in Oldsmar. No trip over there would be complete without a trip to RUBAN ROUGE scrapbook store. Kelcey and I behaved ourselves, as we wanted to spend our money helping out Jackie and the MS Crop. Jackie did such a great job organizing this and pulling it off. There were lots of doorprizes, raffles and silent auction items. We came back with tons of goodies!
As usual, we had such a great time with the Hilltop Gals. This time, we met the infamous Barb and the mysterious Miss Elle. We took all the classes they had to offer so we did a bunch of fun projects. Lisa and Geri Anne were awesome, and we used some fantastic papers from their kit. Stacy did a great little book....We found a new appreciation for wooden cubes with Elle, and of course, Jules presented a wonderful chipboard book. Here are photos of THE PEANUT GALLERY (AKA the hecklers) as Jules tries to maintain her composure. I think Linda was doing something kooky with some metal that fell off one of her undergarments at the time...........
Head on over to my picasa site to see more photos from the weekend.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Linda



Today was my friend Linda's birthday. As she is also my classroom assistant, we had a little celebration in our classroom. I lovingly call her The Old Bat so last year's cake was custom made and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD BAT. This year, Linda said no celebration, and no bats! cake maker ( one of my talented moms) decided we needed to put the old bat to rest this year. Too funny!
The icing on the cake (pun intended) was that Stacy also made a possessed doll for Linda. A few weeks ago, we had this doll that looked possessed. We took her and put her in the trash. For some straange reason, she reappeared the next day! It was freaky--a true twilight zone moment! Stacy recreated her for a present for our dear Miss Linda.

Happy Birthday my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
until next year............
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


HOORAY! It is almost time for Jackie's fundraiser for MS. Kelcey and I are soooo very happy to be going out of town this weekend for the crop. We hope to see many of our cyber-pals and Hilltop Friends there. I feel like I know Jackie from all of our corresponding back and forth this past year. It will be wonderful to finally meet her. She has put so much into this crop, that I know it will be a huge success! Can't wait to share photos next week.
I have been getting pre-organized for the weekend in Oldsmar. I went online and got all the information on what supplies we need to bring for our classes. Next, I went to my old laptop and transferred photos for printing and bringing for projects. Tomorrow I will pack my tools and the next night I will pack clothing.
Hooray....we are going to have a much needed weekend away........

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green can mean many things....

There are lots of little things that we often take for granted. One of those little things that may pass us by are the nuances a color can create....Gary and I are having a little fun "tiff" revolving around something new that has come into our household. It is little, and it is green...and it has generated lots of stimulating conversation.
Someone can be GREEN with envy.....
Someone can be GREEN because they are feeling sick to their stomache....
Someone can be GREEN because that is the color of money.........
Someone can be GREEN and horny because those little m-m's say that's what green ones do......
Someone can be GREEN because they are new at something and don't know anything
hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....what else can GREEN be for?
GREEN is the color of my new laptop. I have had my faithful laptop for more than 5 years, and it was time to get a new one. I have been using my laptop for so many things. Gary has one he is borrowing from school and I don't think it is very good...and it certainly doesn't hook up to the internet. He will be inheriting my old laptop (complete with fully functioning connectors to our network, internet, and definitely a few steps above what he had to work on previously). My new laptop is pretty apple green, comes with a big screen to help out my tired eyes, and is definitely a huge step up from my old machine. Dear hubby tells me I am selfish and could have done without my new 'puter......I told him that he is wrong about that. If I were selfish, I would have gotten the pink laptop that the boys wanted me to! He would really look pretty silly with a pink laptop in a few years when I am ready to trade up again!
My favorite color this week is green, what's yours?!

Monday, September 10, 2007



Glad to see that David is having time to explore the sights. He drove to Hollywood this weekend and went to see the Walk of Fame and all the star's handprints outside Mann's Chinese Theater. He's so cute, because in lots of photos, we can see his shadow! I didn't want to upload all the photos he took, but here is a good one (of his shadow). Yes...I think it was cute that he managed to get himself into lots of photos...
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Up in the Air...


David is really making friends "in high places" while he is in California. His supervisor told him to make friends with the pilots, as they often need someone to keep them company when putting in their air time. So far, David went for a ride in an F-15 and this Friday, he got to go for a ride in a glider. Here are some photos as he flew over the Antelope Valley with his friend. He got to sit up front, and he got to "drive" too. You can see his big feet in one of the photos (lol)...I don't know how he got all 6 feet and size 13 into that tiny glider!
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Now that school has started up again, Peter doesn't get to the skate park as nuch as during the summer. He has been spending the day there on Saturdays though. When we picked him up, he asked me to take some photos. He is getting pretty good at this, and scared the boogers out of me when he "drops in" off the 6 footer....GNARLY DUDE!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labors of Labor Day


Now that my craft room is almost organized again, I spent some creative time in there yesterday. It was wonderful, because once again I have space and privacy to work on my projects---I can put on my tunes, sing or hum without anyone getting annoyed with me, and enjoy my own space! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

These critters are from The Angel Company, and the patterned paper is also from their catty ( it's called Fruity Frusion and I love it). The solid cardstock is Stampin Up (and some of it is a few seasons old) scraps I had lying around. The technique is Stippled Frames from the latest Technique Junkie Newsletter. Maybe it's because I have boys, or a warped sense of humor, but these little critters have been favorites of mine for a while---they are just so cute!
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Saturday, September 1, 2007


It seems like a long time since I posted. Getting back to school has made life here a bit more hectic than it was during the summer. Peter and Ben are both at West Shore, and that means Gary gets them up and out in the morning. I have been doing the happy dance as I can actually read the paper and have a cup of coffee before leaving now. Yipee! Friday, I actually got on the computer and signed up for a workshop before the system got jammed....and all before 7 am. Now, if I can just convince Gary that I need to get rid of the mom-mobile before December rolls around, I will be in heaven!
It's Labor Day weekend, and the house is actually quite today. Peter and Brady took off for the skate park at 9:45, and Ben is working away at Publix until 6:30. With Gary asleep on the couch, I have some time to play in the craft room. ( Or as Gary lovingly calls it, the Crap Room). Hopefully I will have some photos to share tomorrow.

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