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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


HOORAY! It is almost time for Jackie's fundraiser for MS. Kelcey and I are soooo very happy to be going out of town this weekend for the crop. We hope to see many of our cyber-pals and Hilltop Friends there. I feel like I know Jackie from all of our corresponding back and forth this past year. It will be wonderful to finally meet her. She has put so much into this crop, that I know it will be a huge success! Can't wait to share photos next week.
I have been getting pre-organized for the weekend in Oldsmar. I went online and got all the information on what supplies we need to bring for our classes. Next, I went to my old laptop and transferred photos for printing and bringing for projects. Tomorrow I will pack my tools and the next night I will pack clothing.
Hooray....we are going to have a much needed weekend away........


Scrappin' Jackie said...

Can't wait to FINALLY see you for real.
Hugs and a real one on Friday my friend,

Karen said...

My name is Karen Ewing and I work for a company called WolfePak Software in Abilene, TX. I get google alerts aboout your family (because I have an alert on "WolfePak" to pick up things competitors might say about us) and find your family fascinating. Almost like a parallel universe because today I received the update about your MS work, and I HAVE MS. So I wanted to say thank you for what you are doing! I love reading about your family!

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