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Saturday, September 1, 2007


It seems like a long time since I posted. Getting back to school has made life here a bit more hectic than it was during the summer. Peter and Ben are both at West Shore, and that means Gary gets them up and out in the morning. I have been doing the happy dance as I can actually read the paper and have a cup of coffee before leaving now. Yipee! Friday, I actually got on the computer and signed up for a workshop before the system got jammed....and all before 7 am. Now, if I can just convince Gary that I need to get rid of the mom-mobile before December rolls around, I will be in heaven!
It's Labor Day weekend, and the house is actually quite today. Peter and Brady took off for the skate park at 9:45, and Ben is working away at Publix until 6:30. With Gary asleep on the couch, I have some time to play in the craft room. ( Or as Gary lovingly calls it, the Crap Room). Hopefully I will have some photos to share tomorrow.

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