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Friday, November 23, 2007

We are thankful


When Peter was first diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, we knew our job was to educate our family so we could manage this situation to the best of our ability. One of the best tools we found was a book called "My Bi-polar Rollercoaster". Well...the title pretty much says it all! We have been on rollercoaster ever since. This has been a crazy year, full of ups and downs. With all of the nonsense and craziness in our lives, we feel that we are truly blessed. Dave is doing well with his internship at NASA, and plans to continue working for NASA when he is finished. Ben is doing great in school and is developing into quite the renaissance man--with a love of art and music far beyond his 15 years. Peter is doing great...managing this bi-polar monster that lives inside him. He takes his medications, has a positive attitude toward his therapist and psychiatrist, has an active social life ( at school and with his skating friends) and is making good grades in school. Gary and I are happy in our jobs, marriage and family life.
We were fortunate to have a wonderful Thankgiving meal with my parents ( who are active and in good health) and the boys yesterday. It is good to have a house full of wolfecubs...they are getting along and happy to be together as a family. Dave was a wonderful big brother and brought home a Wii system as a Chanuka gift for his family. They have been playing the games...all 4 of my boys...The laughter and silliness is refreshing and a welcome sound in our home.
My hope for all my friends is for a wonderful holiday season, surrounded by the happy sounds of family united, and children matter how old those children may be!
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