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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

In his Mom's footsteps?


Ben had a project to do for his Spanish class. The project needed to be a 3-D presentation on an artist that he has been studying. Ben came to me, asking if we could talk over some ways to present the information. He had in mind a sort of mini-album. After looking at some of the mini albums I had made this fall, he decided he'd like to try making his project from a pocket folder. VOILA--with a little help from his mom....this is the end result. He did most of this all by himself, needing only a little help being shown how to cut the paper to the correct size. The paper choices were based on the artist liking cats and also the color scheme he chose was common in her work. BUT...the most amazing thing to me, is that he did this 100% in Spanish.
Yes, I am a proud momma!!!!
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:Jayne said...

You should be a proud mama! Isn't it nice when they take interest in us and our stuff?
It looks like he did an awesome job.
I'd give it an A!


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