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Friday, April 11, 2008

Where did our vacation go?????

WOW...we planned to have a relaxing spring break, filled with spring cleaning, yard work and some family time. I guess we got most of that accomplished, as it is now Friday and I can't figure out where the week went! During this past week, we went to visit Mom and Dad one evening, Gary and I were able to get a few meals out, kids, we planted some new things in the yard, tried to tame the overgrown bushes and trees, went to our weekly meeting with Dr L. and even got some crafty time in. My birthday was lots of fun...started out with a cute card and candle from Peter a few days early, then on Thursday Gary started the day off with flowers, and we ended the day with a bunch of my favorite people coming over to spend time with me for dinner and cardmaking. Needless to say, not much cardmaking was done, but we sure had fun. Especially when Linda made her entrance through the garage (trying to sneak by the guard dogs) singing at the top of her lungs!!! I just love my Linda to pieces! What would we do without her? was spent doing some last minute errands, and then a nice family dinner with Dave, Ben and Peter. Dave came in for a day or so...just to be with the family around my birthday. He did bring with him 3 loads of laundry and I still hear the rhythm of the dryer as I type! The clouds have disappeared, and the pool is up to at least 80 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and sunny, so maybe I will venture into the blue. Everyone has taken their 1st dip of the year but me, so the boys are anxiously awaiting my plunge.
Maybe tomorrow I will have more to say....HUGS to all!

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