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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Today is Mother's Day, and that means many things to many different people. In our house, we try to believe that every day is Mother's Day, and Father's Day, and Valentine's etc etc. However, my boys have a tradition of making me breakfast and serving it to me in bed. Today I was served a bagel with cream cheese, fresh tangerine juice, carnations (which Peter held in his teeth as he brought me breakfast) and the morning paper. Of course, the dogs pounced on the bed, and then laid down hoping for handouts! My wonderful boys thought of everything, except the camera to take photos. After my breakfast was finished, they re-entered holding gifts. Ben had a beautiful new windchime for the patio, Peter had a coffee mug that says "Good morning, Let the stress begin!" and Gary handed me a box from downtown with an assortment of homemade fudge. Even though someone had a major meltdown today, three of us managed to float around the pool for a few hours this afternoon, enjoying the 95 degree weather from new innertubes. The store was out of the new float the boys had planned to get for me....I am thankful for my family, even with all their craziness and the roller coaster ride that we take every day, living life to it's fullest, battling the little gremlin called bi-polar disorder that has invaded our lives.

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Nany said...

wow lovely tradition....this is our house in the day of each birthday...we sing happy birthday to the birthday one in bed and we sing "Las MaƱanitas" too

This is a Mexican song for birthdays....

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