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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Day of School 2008~

Today was a day of mixed emotions. It was a tough year at work. Our class was made up of children with a vast difference in ability levels. I have 5 children moving on to a Kindergarten class next fall, and I have a bunch who are staying on for another year or so. Next year, most of the children will be on the younger side, and most are nonverbal or have limited verbal skills. I am sure going to miss having meaningful conversations with them! Some of my kiddos have such amazing vocabulary, and are "old souls" in the way they speak. Too darn funny!
Linda and I always fall head over heels for our kids, no matter what their behaviors, personalities, and abilities are. I am blessed to love my job and have a huge heart that is filled with fond memories of children I have taught ( the little ones are just way too darn cute!!!).
I don't usually post photos of my students, but the parents all agreed it wasn't a here are some snippets from today! My son Peter joined us after he last 2 exams, and he was a great help to have around. My boys are so awesome with my students, it warms my soul!

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Lainy's Little Blog said...

They look like a great bunch of kids. It is a fantastic job even when things get tough at times, I agree wholeheartedly.

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