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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stylin' Mom

Monday's visit to Dr. C determined that the scar tissue in my ankle is not cooperating with the treatment and is not dissolving. So, it will have to be removed surgically. We are going to wait until things are settled in at school, and probably do this over Thanksgiving, so that I don't have to take time off work. In the meantime, he prescribed a brace for me to wear to see if it will be more comfortable, and also protect it from little children. Unfortunately, I cannot fit my foot into any of my sneakers with the darn thing. Gary suggested that I get a size larger shoe, and that I get a man's shoe as it is wider. Grrrrr.....I finally found one that would fit the bill and wasn't UGLY as sin! The only thing is that Pete is jealous, and thinks that I am the coolest mom on the planet now! I had to settle for skate shoes, and now I rock the least from the kids point of view!

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Lisadwb said...

Ummm Yep Coolest on the planet!! LOL I hope all goes well for you.

Teresa said...

too cool...better not leave them laying around....someone might decide they like

Hope this works for you until you can have the surgery.

Kath said...

Cute shoe - I might need some myself, LOL!

Joana said...

wow .... you are a cool mum lol
hope all gets sorted soon COOL Mum :)


Jules said...

I truly do think you are going to have happy feet! Love the new tennies!

Kip said...

Those are really cool looking!!

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! You are a cool Mum!! :) lol!
Hope it's helpful! Praying for you!

Michele L from Tampa said...

I love them! What size are they again lol

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