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Monday, November 10, 2008



My weekend retreat started with a wonderful lunch with 6 of my bestest scrappy friends at a little yellow restaurant, sitting outside by the lake, with happy hour and salads! Kelcey and I had a fantastic drive down to Sebring, in Lola with the top down all the way. It was days like this when I love living in Florida! We stopped at Scraps, Paper, Scissors for a little shopping and then headed off to meet the girls at the Kenilworth. Once there, we picked up some pals and headed off for a relaxing lunch. Most of the gals enjoyed frozen margaritas, but I had their special Frozen Strawberry Mudslide. Thomas, our favorite waiter, told me that it was like a frozen chocolate covered strawberry--only better! He is right! This was the best start to a weekend with the girls that I can remember in a long time. More to come...stay tuned!
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Cassie said...

sounds like you had tons of fun at the retreat!! wish one of those yummy drinks was for me!!

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