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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Curious Dave plays with the Shuttle!

Yes, that's my boy in front of the space shuttle...the real one, not a mock up or a model...the one that just got back from the Space Station! Dave is finishing up his 2nd work-study internship for NASA at Edwards Air Force Base in California. We were all hoping that the shuttle would have to land there one time when he was there, and it finally happened. He is used to seeing the shuttle landings here in Florida, but this time, he was up close and personal! The shuttle was "parked" right outside where he has his office. He called us on Tuesday to let us know that he and another intern got to go aboard the shuttle itself. They were not allowed to take photos once inside. But...he was lucky enough to get inside, have a special tour, and WOW...he hasn't come back to Earth yet. For him, this is part of a dream come true. Gary and the boys are so very jealous. I am happy for him. All we can say is WOW...what a day this was for our guy!

Not that he was excited or anything, but he took 87 photos of the shuttle as the team was working on it...and getting it ready to return to Kennedy Space Center (he offered to ride in it so he could come home for dinner) but of course they said NO WAY! Here are 2 photos so you can see for yourself.


Jules said...

WOW...what a great opportunity for your fella! Miss you!

Lisadwb said...

How cool is that?! I always enjoy it when someone's dream of a lifetime comes true!! (He is a very handsome young man too!!)

Joana said...

WOW WOW , what a great opportunity for him , I have a little boy here very jealous at the moment

:Jayne said...

How awesome is that! You must be very proud of him!
Miss YOU!

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