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Monday, December 29, 2008

No more Monkeys Climbing in the Tree!!!!

Well, my wonderfully talented tree climbing 14 year old learned a hard lesson yesterday. He was out in the woods with some friends, having some good clean fun when it happened. He lost his footing and fell out of the tree. It might not have been a problem, except he was climbing a wild orange tree. Orange trees are full of thorns, and one got him under the arm. Well...he got quite the gash!!! We wrapped him up and took him to the ER. It is both a blessing and a terrible thing when they don't even let you sit down, and rush you right back to a room, and make sure that it is a private room! Thank goodness that the nurse was one of Gary's former students, and the PA was awesome. After x-rays, debris being removed from the gash, 5 inside stitches, 48 ( yes, you read that correctly) staples and another 8 stitches, plus a drain put in....Humpty Dumpty seems to be put back together again. He is sore, and on both antibiotics and pain meds...but he will be OK. Here is one of the non-gross photos that we took after he was put back together, awaiting the dressing.


Laura said...

Oh boy...that does not look pretty:( Hope Peter feels better soon.

Kimmie0270 said...

Ouch! Hope he feels better soon

:Jayne said...

Oh No! Boys will be boys won't they? I hope he heals fast and stays out of the orange trees.
It's always something isn't it?

Chelle said...

Maybe better not post the more gross pictures, that looks pretty bad! Hope he heals quick!

Denita said...

OMG Roz, poor thing!

Hope your'e holidays were great!!!

Kath said...

oooohhhhh!!! Poor Peter! Tell him I'm sorry and treat him nice!

Candy said...

Thank you for your great New Years email. I wish the same for you in 2009.

I am really sorry to see how badly your son hurt himself. Hope he heals well with no complications.
I had no idea wild orange trees had thorns. Learn something new everyday!

Teresa said...

Is Peter feeling better yet?

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