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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peter Goes to the ER....take 2~

Well, I got a call from the skate park yesterday around 12:30 saying that Peter had hurt his wrist and we needed to come right over to get him to the hospital. Once we saw him, we knew he had done something major. Do you remember the scene in Harry Potter when he broke his arm and it was all bent out of shape....nice visual of my boy!

They gave him a shot of morphine, took him for x-rays, and then the hand specialist told us that he would need to wait until this morning to take him into the OR to realign the bones. He was being admitted. Well...there were no beds at the inn, so Peter and I got to stay overnight in a room in the ER. They were all really nice, but it was definitely a long night. He is patched up for now, but we need to go to the doctor Thursday or Friday for the post-op follow up and new cast. Stephanie told Ben that we need to wrap Peter up in bubble-wrap before letting him leave the house from now on.


Kelly Schelske said...

Oh wow Roz...bubble wrap sounds like a good idea!! Hope he is feeling better soon!!

Lisadwb said...

Wow, he sure is living out loud, isn't he? LOL I hope it heals quickly.

Joana said...

OMG Roz , I will send you some bubble wrap :) , hope he feels better very soon !

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