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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Memories from the Past

Someone sent me a slideshow today about an amusement park that we used to go to as kids in Massachusetts. The park was called Lincoln Park. Every Wednesday night during the summer, my paternal grandfather would take my 2 brothers, 3 cousins and me to the park for the afternoon into evening. My grandmother would sit by the funhouse, on the bench, and watch everyone having fun. She never went on any rides, and always sat with a smile on her face, chatting with passersby. My cousin Lauren and I often reminisce about the fun times we had together. Our visits to the park included dinner at the IHOP each week. Waitresses could not believe how well behaved all 6 of us were ( little did she know that we HAD to be good, or else we would go directly home from dinner and not get to go back to the park!). I always ordered the silver dollar pancakes, so that I could try out all the different kinds of syrup they had to offer! Click on the link to see a video of Lincoln Park like I remember it. I will bet that you had an amusement park near you that was very similar!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday DAVE!!!!!

Today my oldest son turns 22. He is almost finished with his degree in aerospace engineeering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach. Dave is lucky to have gotten a work co-op program with NASA at Edwards Air Force Base in California. For the past year, he has taken one semester of classes, and one sememster of work at Edwards. This fall, he met Jenna while in California. Gary and I sent him to visit Jenna on his spring break this week. Today, they went snowboarding in sunny California! I can't wait for the photos.....We are proud of Dave and all that he is doing. These days, we hear so much about the failures, that the kids who are making good are often forgotten. So....join me in raising a toast to my man Dave on his 22nd birthday (remember when we turned 22???).

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ahoy Matey's


Kelcey, Susan Terri and I sailed away to the Treasure Coast this past weekend for a Scrapbooker's Treasure Hunt. We started out Friday after work and arrived home around 9 last night...exhausted but with lots of new loot! Twelve scrapbook shops participated this year. We started out at Ruban Rouge with our friend and hostess Lisa. We picked up our passport, did a make and take, and then headed for the dinner (it was already 8pm). On Saturday, we hit 8 each store, we made a 6x6 layout (make-n-take), took photos for our layout, and did a little shopping ( $5 minimum for a chance at a prize). We made lots of friends along the way, and also had tons of fun....we laughed and giggled the entire weekend! Sunday we wrapped up with 3 more stores, then headed home. Sometime this week, we will try to hit the last store which is in Lakeland (about an hour away). We need to get together to make a cover for our album and add our photos before submitting them for the contest. In addition to seeing lots of new supplies, getting tons of inspiration, and meeting new friends...we had a great bonding experience!
Thanks to my "shipmates" for a wonderful weekend away. going to join us next trip?

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


Happy news for my boy Peter! He went to the doctor today for another x-ray and he got his huge cast taken off. Gary said his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw the saw they cut it off with! We told him they used a saw, but it just did not register. Anyway, instead of giving him a short cast, the doctor ordered a brace for him instead. He says that the insurance would rather do it this way instead of pay for a casting and then the brace afterwards. I just love the insurance companies dictating how doctors should practice medicine...but that's another story altogether. So, Peter is doing the happy dance that he has some freedom, as he can take the brace off only for taking a bath. So far, he has taken 2 baths since he got home at noontime (it's only 4 pm). I am sure he will have me take a photo of him without his cast later on. HUGS to all!

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