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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Memories from the Past

Someone sent me a slideshow today about an amusement park that we used to go to as kids in Massachusetts. The park was called Lincoln Park. Every Wednesday night during the summer, my paternal grandfather would take my 2 brothers, 3 cousins and me to the park for the afternoon into evening. My grandmother would sit by the funhouse, on the bench, and watch everyone having fun. She never went on any rides, and always sat with a smile on her face, chatting with passersby. My cousin Lauren and I often reminisce about the fun times we had together. Our visits to the park included dinner at the IHOP each week. Waitresses could not believe how well behaved all 6 of us were ( little did she know that we HAD to be good, or else we would go directly home from dinner and not get to go back to the park!). I always ordered the silver dollar pancakes, so that I could try out all the different kinds of syrup they had to offer! Click on the link to see a video of Lincoln Park like I remember it. I will bet that you had an amusement park near you that was very similar!

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Kip said...

That sure brought back memories! North Dartmouth is where all my relatives still live today.

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