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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have been busy....sorry

Thor's head
Ben and a giant cheese ball

OK everyone, spank me with a wet noodle. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging, and it has been a busy few weeks. With the school year winding down, I have lots of 'stuff' to be working on. The kids have all been getting assessments and I have been scoring them at home, where it is quieter than at school. This has been taking up lots of my time. The boys have been keeping me busy, too. Although I have been telling myself for some time that I am going to set aside time to read every day, I had not been successful until January this year. Give me a round of applause--I have been able to read 12 (yes 12) complete novels (no...not kiddie stories)--adult novels since the end of January!!! HIP~HIP~HOORAY for me. Most days when I get home from school, I change into comfy clothes and head outside to my swing. There I sit and relax for at least an hour before coming inside to get started with dinner. Setting aside this time for myself has really made quite a difference in my evenings at home. I feel calm and ready to face the family after a day with my students. It has been a fantastic transition for me. You should really try it yourself! that the temperatures here have been steadily in the 80's, our pool is nice and comfortable, even for us adults! This past week, I have found it is wonderful and even more relaxing to come home, get into my bathing suit, and do my reading while floating in the pool in my inner tube thing! Getting home by 3 it is still delightful in the pool. Peter and his friend Liam have even been kind and swim without even getting my book wet!
I realize that many of you who stop by to read my blog live in areas where it is still too chilly to think about getting into shorts, never mind going swimming, and I apologize for teasing you. I am still not convinced that Florida is the best place for me to live, but it does have it's advantages! for my crafting time, I have been doing some cards. I apologize for not posting them though...I will try to pull them out and take photos to post. This past week, we had a baby shower for 4 of teachers at work. I made the most adorable (if i do say so myself..they came out better than I expected) cards in the shape of baby onesies. Dummy me forgot to take photos before bringing them in for the shower. I will make at least one more for my sample book, and will take photos to share.
I cannot believe that it is May already---time sure has flown by.
HUGS to all my friends....


Ret said...

Sounds like you've been super, super busy!! I love the pics of your dogs, they are so pretty! (I'm a dog lover incase you didn't know) LOL

Looks like the boys enjoyed themselves!!

Hope you have some free time for stampin soon!

Jules said...

I miss you madly. I keep missing Kaboodling. I need to work on that. Smoochies!

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