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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

It's hard to believe but Gary and I are celebrating our 24th anniversary today!! Yes, we got married and we were still in diapers (LOL). I found out today that my son's new in-laws also got married in 1985, which is 2 months after we did. Our son was born in March '87, and their daughter was born in May '87. Coincidences...too darn funny actually! As our families get to know each other better ( they are in California and we are in Florida) there are lots of similarities in our lives.
Anyway, with all the troubles in the world today, Gary and I are still happily (most days) married. People as us our secret...there is no secret. When we got married, we were best friends, and we remind ourselves that we are just that. The secret to our happiness is that we are best buddies...through thick and thin. Believe me, there has been lots of challenges we have faced, some we are facing at this very moment, and there will be more down the line. We face them together, and together we deal with what life throws our way.
Hope you all have someone special that makes you happy---some have a significant other, some have a special pet, some have children...but we all need someone to be our best friend!
HUGS to all!

Monday, June 29, 2009

more monkey business!

The guys in my family are pretty addicted to monkeys these days. The adorable stampendous stamps with the Changito monkeys are gradually attaching themselves to my craft table! When I saw this stamp, I immediately thought of my Peter. Well,here is my first card using this adorable Changito stamp. The papers are from Fancy Pants, the dew drops are "mouse", and I also used some coredinations paper along with a swiss dots embossing folder. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought it would be a good idea to paper piece the trousers to match the papers....thank goodness for my fiskars hobby blade! I do think it put that extra WOW into the card though. Hope you like it!


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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Play Time

After relaxing with my book in the pool, it was time to come inside and get my creative juices going. Here is a card that I did with one of my favorite stamps...and my first attempt at a card inspired by Michelle Zindorf!


I was thinking about my cards, and decided that it was time to get more playful and into the summer spirit of things. Here is one card that I made using a Changito stamp from Stampendous along with some coredinations cardstock and Fancy Pants papers. My diamond glaze came out a bit fast on some of the areas (so some of the bubbles are runny)...sorry!!! It bugs me but Ben is going to send this to his girlfriend anyway!


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Strike a Pose!!!!


Mushu decided that he wanted to pose while on Peter today. This was one of the best photos we got!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sneak catty stuff!

OK Stampin Friends,
The new Stampin Up catalog will be available next week (July 1) and here is a sample of one of the new sets available. This card is made with a set called Circle Circus, and the colors are oldies but goodies (cameo coral, brocade blue, so saffron, certainly celery).The sentiment is from the set called HOPE HAPPENS. Hope to have enticed you to check back soon for more peeks!


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beardie babies


Ben and Peter are both enjoying their new little babies and taking very good care of them. Here are photos of Ben's (who is climbing up onto my hand) and Peter's (who is perched on his hand). They are actually very nice pets, and are growing nicely. They both turn a month old today!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Criss Cross box and cards

OK crafty friends, here is a new project that I have been working on. I have been playing around making this fantastic criss-cross box and coordinating card set. Here is one that I made using a kit from KNK ( I have also made a set using Stampin Up stuff....I will post that plus a tutorial later on.
Thanks for stopping by!

Father's Day Fun

It has been so hot and steamy that there is not much to do around here but dunk in the pool. Yesterday we did pretty much that for most of the morning. In the afternoon, the buys watched a movie or two while I worked in some crafting projects.
Here are photos of the guys on Father's Day. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been to have Dave and Jenna hanging out with us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

He Went to Jarrod!!!!

OK, wouldn't it figure that my son falls in love with someone a lot like his mom? When they called to tell us they were engaged, she was shouting " He went to Jarrod!!!". For those of you who haven't seen the ad campaign, Jarrod jewelers uses it in a lot!!!! And yes, he did go to Jarrod and here's a photo of the ring!
Everyone has been asking to see it, and we will share more information as it is shared with us (no date set for now). The kids are off on a 3 day cruise from San Diego which is a graduation gift for Jenna. She is fantastic at taking tons of photos (hmmmm, another similarity) and promised to send us copies.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fantastic news from California!!!!!

Just got a phone call from Dave ( our oldest). He's currently in California on a work study program with NASA out in the desert at Edwards Air Force Base. He has been dating Jenna since September. She just graduated from UC Riverside. They are going on a celebration cruise this week, so he took some time off. They are having dinner at her parent's in San Diego...they called to say
They are engaged!!!!
We are so excited for them both. They complement each other so well, and she is good for our Dave. Her mom says that he is good for her, too. Talking with Anne (Jen's mom) we have so much in common. We are all so excited!!!!
Here's a photo of them with her parents at her graduation last week.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Peter starts riding lessons

In the pursuit of keeping Peter busy this summer, and also finding vocational interests for him, Gary stumbled upon a horseback riding lessons. Peter is our major animal lover, and looking into volunteer with "critters" he has been told he is too young right now. Gary found this woman who gives lessons, camps, and works with students along with our local
4H group. She and Peter get along very well, and there is potential for volunteer work in his future. Last night was his 2nd lesson. Gary is learning to use the digital camera, and we were able to salvage these photos. I assure you, more photos to come next week!
Peter has been riding a horse named "ED" and absolutely loves it!


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I worked on my scrapbook today!!!!

Doin' the happy dance here because I finally did some scrapbooking today. For those of you who know me, I really started out as a scrapbooker and not a cardmaker. With the busy work and family schedule, I find it harder to plan layouts than to do cardmaking during the year. I spent most of the week (chore-wise) re-organizing my crafting supplies, so that I can more easily work in my area. Here is a double page layout I did of my youngest son Peter. Peter was 4 years old in the black and white photo. On the other page, are photos of him working with my students this past year. Pete attends virtual school (he takes classes on the computer to help keep his bi-polar disorder stable) and comes to volunteer in my classroom almost every day during the year. He has really thrived with this, and I wanted to record this. The papers are from my Kit-N-Kaboodles scrapbook kit. I just love love love the kits at KNK, and even more fun is chatting on their message board. You really need to pop on over there to check them out



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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to the zoo!!!!!

OK, most of you are aware that we are all home for summer vacation. For those of you who think it is too early for school to be out, we started the first week of August. The law is for students to attend 180 days of school per calendar year. Anyway.....aside from all the critters that we have at our house year-round ( Peter's guinea pig Colonel, our 3 dogs, and our fishtank) we are now housing critters from my classroom for the summer ( our guinea pig Oreo, our 3 turtles Squirt, Yertle, and Rocky, and assorted fish from our tank). Well, Peter has been helping another teacher at the school in the science lab. The bearded dragon had her first successful clutch of eggs. Mr. Melendez told Peter that he could have one---if any survived. Thanks to all the care they gave those darned eggs, 12 out of 13 hatched the last day of school. Last night, Peter was able to take home his newest pet.
Gary was so excited, that he went right on to facebook and posted that Peter was bringing home his new lizard. Peter got so annoyed---"It's not a lizard, it's a dragon!" We thought that line sounded familiar (yes, Disney is from Mulan).
Here is a photo of Peter, and his new dragon (appropriately named by Gary)MUSHU. How many of you are now have the visual image of Eddie Murphy explaining that he's a dragon...not a lizard...see, I don't do that tongue thing?!


By the way, MUSHU will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. He came home and immediately explored his new home, ate some salad, and relaxed. This morning, he came and hung out with Peter and me, then ate himself a wonderful breakfast of 4 crickets! Peter assures me that updates will be posted from time to time.

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