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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

It's hard to believe but Gary and I are celebrating our 24th anniversary today!! Yes, we got married and we were still in diapers (LOL). I found out today that my son's new in-laws also got married in 1985, which is 2 months after we did. Our son was born in March '87, and their daughter was born in May '87. Coincidences...too darn funny actually! As our families get to know each other better ( they are in California and we are in Florida) there are lots of similarities in our lives.
Anyway, with all the troubles in the world today, Gary and I are still happily (most days) married. People as us our secret...there is no secret. When we got married, we were best friends, and we remind ourselves that we are just that. The secret to our happiness is that we are best buddies...through thick and thin. Believe me, there has been lots of challenges we have faced, some we are facing at this very moment, and there will be more down the line. We face them together, and together we deal with what life throws our way.
Hope you all have someone special that makes you happy---some have a significant other, some have a special pet, some have children...but we all need someone to be our best friend!
HUGS to all!

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Joana said...

HAppy Aniversary hope you two have a good time .

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