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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to the zoo!!!!!

OK, most of you are aware that we are all home for summer vacation. For those of you who think it is too early for school to be out, we started the first week of August. The law is for students to attend 180 days of school per calendar year. Anyway.....aside from all the critters that we have at our house year-round ( Peter's guinea pig Colonel, our 3 dogs, and our fishtank) we are now housing critters from my classroom for the summer ( our guinea pig Oreo, our 3 turtles Squirt, Yertle, and Rocky, and assorted fish from our tank). Well, Peter has been helping another teacher at the school in the science lab. The bearded dragon had her first successful clutch of eggs. Mr. Melendez told Peter that he could have one---if any survived. Thanks to all the care they gave those darned eggs, 12 out of 13 hatched the last day of school. Last night, Peter was able to take home his newest pet.
Gary was so excited, that he went right on to facebook and posted that Peter was bringing home his new lizard. Peter got so annoyed---"It's not a lizard, it's a dragon!" We thought that line sounded familiar (yes, Disney is from Mulan).
Here is a photo of Peter, and his new dragon (appropriately named by Gary)MUSHU. How many of you are now have the visual image of Eddie Murphy explaining that he's a dragon...not a lizard...see, I don't do that tongue thing?!


By the way, MUSHU will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. He came home and immediately explored his new home, ate some salad, and relaxed. This morning, he came and hung out with Peter and me, then ate himself a wonderful breakfast of 4 crickets! Peter assures me that updates will be posted from time to time.

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Renee said...

How exciting to have a baby bearded dragon! When my dd's beardies were small we mail ordered crickets by the thousand from Georgia. It was cheaper and easier than driving all over town trying to find a place that had small crickets. Good Luck with your little guy!

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