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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fan mail


OK, Mushu has gotten quite a lot of fan mail since I posted her latest photos the other day. For those of you who asked, when she is full grown, she should be between 18and24 inches long. Her head and neck will change a bit before she is finished growing, and she will develop her beard. Mushu was born at the very end of May, so she still has quite a bit more growing to do. She eats salads and insects (phoenix worms mostly, but sometimes crickets or silkworms).
Peter is enjoying learning about bearded dragons, which are native to Australia.
She got her name because Gary kept referring to her as a lizard. Peter insisted it wasn't a lizard, it is a dragon. And silly me had to chime in and quote the phrase from the Disney movie Mulan...."that's right, it doesn't do the tongue thingy". Eddie Murphy voiced that character in the movie, and his name was MUSHU, and he is a dragon.Hence the name!
Thanks for all your interesting questions and comments.

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Chris said...

too cool! love the drGON'S NAME!

Amy said...

well I think it's a perfectly fitting name! too cute :)

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