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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Believe it, or NOT!

OK, some say that boys choose their mates by looking for someone that reminds them of their mom. With my boy Dave, this proves to be eerily interesting! Peter and I just came home from 6 days in San Diego on an adventure to "Meet the Parents" (Jenna's parents that is). The first time Dave met Anne, he called me and said "OMG--there are two of you!" During the past few days, we think that Jenna repeated the same thing numerous times. Anne and I had not met face to face, only exchanged e-mail and phone calls until now. Put us together in the same room, and it is obvious that we are soul sisters, 2 peas in a pod or whatever the saying could be. Poor Dave and Jenna, they have twin East Coast Mom and a West Coast Mom. Anne and I could not be happier!!!!
Here we are with our new friend at Old Towne

Here we are at the country club where the kids will be married in July 2010

Here we are with Jenna and Harvey in the ballroom of the country club

And finally, here we are having fun at the San Diego Zoo!


Amy said...

Looks like you all had such a great time!! That is so great that you adore your soon-to-be inlaws. Who could ask for more? Congrats!

Chris said...

wahooo glad you had a great time

Amy said...

it was so great c on Saturday!! Can't wait to try my hand at your card challenges!!

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