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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Post-It Note holder

This is a very practical idea that you can use around your own house, or make for others and give away as gifts. It is also quick, fun and inexpensive to make. Start with an acrylic photo frame that you can find in a craft store or even your local drug store.

Make a "mat" out of cardstock and/or patterned paper to provide a little layout for your post-it note pad to sit atop.

For my project, I used coredinations cardstock that I ran through the bigshot then sanded to let the inner core color show through. I then took some patterned paper and one of my favorite Changito stamps (the scrapbooker) to finish decorating. Once you are satisfied with your little layout, slip it into the frame.

You are now ready to adhere the post-it note pad to the top of the frame.
These frames and post-it pads come in a variety of sizes. I chose a 4x6 frame and a small pad. Have fun designing your own!


christina d said...

That is so cute!! I'm trying to figure out how you attached the post-it notes. It would be cute with a little calendar too.

Roz said...

I attached it with zip dry glue. You can use any strong liquid adhesive, or red line tape. I know someone who says glue dots work too! Have fun making them!

Jules said...

Too cute by far! Miss our chats and you!

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