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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Driving Me Banana's!!!!

OMGosh! Can you believe that the children will soon be needing Valentine treat bags for their classmates? You might even be thinking of giving little goodies to your friends or co-workers. Here is a little project that you can quickly whip up with scraps and things in your craft room.

Choose a plastic zip top bag for your little treats (you can use conversation hearts, m-m's or whatever you like). I found some nice bags in the craft dept. at Walmart that are reasonably priced. Cut cardstock for your topper a little wider than the bag, and tall enough for your stamped image. Decorate, add stamped image, and attach to the bag. You can use double-sided tape to attach it. Don't get too fancy, as the person receiving the treats will probably tear it and put it into the trash. You can make these quickly, and even the children can help!

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Jules said...

Absolutely darling...Kristen could do these for her second graders for treats and rewards. Wonderful idea, dear Smoochie Girl!

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