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Friday, May 7, 2010

Final Field Trip

Today was our last field trip of the year. We went to one of the local supermarkets (Publix) to see what happens behind the scenes so that we can all get our shopping done! Our students had so much fun learning to make a bouquet of flowers, see where the gigantic walk-in refridgerators were so that milk, eggs, yogurt and other fun things are stocked, learned how they core and cut pineapples for people to buy, saw how cold cuts and cheese are prepared for sub sandwiches, saw the meat-guys packaging yummy steaks, watched the bakery lady decorate some cakes, and then we finally got to decorate our own cookies in a special room where we could see everything happening in the store below us! My friend and teammate LOVES...LOVES...LOVES Publix frosting (and we have to buy it by the tub for her) so she took advantage of the opportunity to sample some while we were decorating cookies!
My class has been so fortunate to be able to go with the other VPK classes on one fieldtrip experience each month ( we call them Field Trip Fridays). We have learned so much about special places in our community this way.


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