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Monday, July 12, 2010

Road Trip 2010

Ben and I arrived in California yesterday afternoon after a wonderful week on the road. Here is a brief summary of our road trip so far. We started out last Monday and headed towards Pensacola, where we had a great but short stay with Jayne, Rick and Patrick. From there, we took a short hop to New Orleans. We stayed in the antastic Banana Courtyard Bed and Breakfast right in the French Quarter. Ben and I spent 2 full days there. Our first night was hightlighted by a cemetary tour led by Bloody Mary and it was fantastic!!!

The next day we explored the French Quarter and I introduced my boy to the joys of beignets...

From New Orleans we did the dreaded 900 mile drive through Texas and headed toward our friends outside Tuscon. We spent 2 nights in Tuscon with our friends Danielle and Matt, where Danielle took us to the wonderful Desert Museum. It was 108 degrees, but well worth the trip.

Once we left Tuscon, it was just a "short" 9 hour driv to Jenna and Dave's house.

Gary and Peter arrive tomorrow and then we will have some family time with Jenna and Da before the wedding festivities kick into full swing!

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Michele L from Tampa said...

omg I loved the desert museum. went there last year when I went to AZ. those "piggys" got loose when we were there so it was on lock down with us in there lol

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