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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bittersweet times

I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting a crafty post from me, I apologize but you will have to wait a little while longer. My wrist is just not up to that yet, but I hope that soon I will be back in the craft room! I am definitely going through withdrawal.
The past few weeks have been difficult for me, as I have had to make some life-changing decisions. Even though my surgeries went well, we discovered that there are just some issues that will not be improving over time. We knew that going into all this, and I am fine with it. The situation we find ourselves in is that the doctor has told me that it is in my best interest to leave the classroom setting and find a position that is much less physically demanding on my hands. Sooooo, Gary and I decided that there really was no other option for me at this time but to resign my position with the school system. You know that I am an optimist and believe in KARMA--and if you have been following me on facebook, you have seen that I have been posting lots of inspirational quotes. This is the explanation.

This is a really difficult thing to do in these ecomonically tough times, but after lots of prayer, soul searching, medical talks etc etc etc....we know that it is the only decision that we could make. All will be better in the end for us.

There are options that I have for working part-time with families and children with special needs that I will be able to look into once my resignation from the school board is accepted. So I have faith that I will be working in a part-time capacity in a month or so. I appreciate everyone who has been here for me through this difficult time, and all the hugs and prayers, e-mails, cards and calls that I have gotten.

For those of you who are my colleagues at the school board, I hear that you have not been told anything of my 'absence' and some of you even think that I have transferred to another school. I have been out on medical leave...but my resignation was passed in on Thursday. If you hear anything other than what I have posted, please feel free to tell what I have shared here.

HUGS to all my buddies near and far!!!!

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