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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

2010 sure gave the Wolfe family a rollercoaster ride! We had lots of ups and downs throughout the entire year. The year started off with Dave moving to California and starting his new job at NASA and his new life with Jenna. Things continued to run uphill as Ben graduated from high school in May. The summer brought us preparations for Ben moving on to college and also for Dave and Jenna's wedding. A huge high of the summer of 2010 was the Driving Miss Daisy road trip that Ben and I took in my convertible from Florida to California with various stops along the way. Many people think that this trip would be dreadful...but Ben and I had so much fun together. We met up with the Dave and Jenna in Lancaster for a few days before heading to the wonderful visit and celebrations with families before the wedding in San Diego. After our road trip home, Ben had a few days to get ready to move out to his dorm in Orlando at University of Central Florida (where he's studying special education). Peter got off to a great start with school where he's in 9th grade of Florida Virtual School. He's taking classes online and doing very well with them. Things started going south in August when I had to leave my job with the school board for a number of reasons, one of them a medical situation with my wrist that has been going on for almost 2 years. Of course, every action has an "equal and opposite reaction" i.e. 'things snowball' and we all know too well how difficult the economy is these days, and that lots of people are losing their jobs etc etc etc. Well...I got my wrist taken care of in October and had 2 surgeries on it. Things are coming along well, but the doctor advised me to leave the classroom and find a job that is "less stressful on my hands". ROFLMAO--in these economic times, what planet is he on??!! Well, I do believe that what goes round comes round and I am proud to say that I have found a job that fits the bill for me and the doctor!!! Sometime in midJanuary, I will be starting to work for an agency called Early Steps. I will be working with families of children birth to 3 years old, going into their homes and helping them with their child with special needs. This is not much different than what I have been doing in the school system, but I will be working with 1 on 1 with a family in their own homes mostly. The hours are more flexible and I will be working less hours (probably 3-4 days per week). This is a change that I have been wanting to make for a while, but haven't really had the opportunity or finances to cut back. Well--things happen for a reason and I have been trying to be really positive about this whole situation and so I think that it is all working out for us in the long term. I feel that this will be better for Peter and his needs, too.
Anyway----hopefully the ups and downs have levelled off for a while and we are heading for a smooth landing soon.

As we enter into 2011, Ben is starting his 2nd semester of school where he seems tremendously happy. He has a great group of friends and support of family. It is wonderful to have my parents close by, and he visits them often (with laundry in tow) and cares for their cat when they are out of town. Peter continues to be successful with school, and is becoming quite talented with his drafting projects and drawings. Gary continues to be busy teaching during the day, and also at night a few days per week. I am hoping to be able to begin my crafting again soon and look forward to starting my new job in a few weeks. I believe in Karma, and feel that 2011 will hold good things for the Wolfe family!

Best wishes from our home to yours for good health and happiness in 2011~~


Joana said...

hi Roz glad to hear your life is back on track sending you a big hug


Amy said...

Roz I am so happy that things are finally back on the upswing! Sounds like an ideal employment situation... good for you!! Come visit us soon we miss you :)

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