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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

The weather this past week has been absolutely georgeous here in Florida. Peter and I have been talking about the growing a garden again. Today while Gary was getting small supplies for little fix-it projects around the house, Peter and I snuck into the garden center and picked out some seeds and supplies to start our garden project. Growing gardens in our area can be tricky, cuz we don't want to water due to the dry conditions and also there are lots of critters that come into the yard at night, nibbling on our veggies before we can pick them!
Here is Peter planting the seeds, and also the first 4 veggies that we picked. And what garden would be complete without sunflowers? We started a whole bunch of sunflowers that we hope to transfer into the ground in a few weeks. Peter promises to post photos of his garden's progress for all to see :)

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