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Monday, May 23, 2011

They're BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!


Yes, the young adults are home for the summer. Ben has been pretty busy catching up with his friends. Brian (far left) is only home for a week (boo-hiss) so LOKI spent the night with his head in Brian's lap! Brian and Tati came over for the day and the house was filled with the happy sounds of college kids reminiscing. We hung out in the pool, grilled burgers, and ended the evening watching a bloody, gnarly end-of-the-world Vampire movie that I can never get the name correct----I think it is Daybreakers, but I always say Daywalkers!!!!
Anyway. Ben wanted me to take this photo to show their friend Caitlin (who is off on a whirlwind trip to England/Scotland with her sister) what she is missing. So this one's for you Caitlin! Can't wait for you to get back so you can be on our sofa watching movies and munching on snacks with us too!!!!
And Grace----we will miss you when True Blood comes on (season 3 DVD next week so you know what Ben and I will be watching with Tati and Paula and Trudy and the gang)...then Season 4

Today is the last day of school for summer is officially starting here is Florida. Peter and I are so glad to have the young generation hanging out with us during the daytime hours now! HUGS to all :)

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Jules said...

I loved nothing better than having all my chicks back in the hen house! Enjoy!

Joana said...

FAB is nice to have the kids around .
Enjoy your summer with them
BIg Hugs

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