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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time Flies! I can't believe that April is almost over. I promised myself that I would be a better blogger, but life is just busy sometimes. Some of the things keeping me busy these days are work (which I still love love love), hanging out a little more with Peter on the days that he doesn't have school, chillin' with our doggies, and trying to get some crafting time in. Crafting time for me has mostly been passive--by that I mean trying to learn new techniques through various online classes and video tutorials, and participating in some great groups online. Peter and I have also been trying to be outside, getting the yard ready for spring, and trying to get some plantings ready. Another thing that has been keeping me busy is playing with my new tablet! Gary knew that I have wanted one to use instead of lugging my laptop around, and so he asked Dave to help him figure out which one was best for me. Dave decided that he needed my help with the decision....and we decided on the Google Nexus 10. I am loving loving loving it!! In addition to using it at home, I am able to take it to meetings, classes, and even to clients homes. Hooray!!! Hooray Hooray---gotta love technology. This year Gary and I both celebrated a milestone birthday. We both turn 50~~people have been making age comments, but to us it is just a number, and another year that we have been successful in our lives. It seems to bother others more than it bothers us~REALLY!!!! The beautiful roses pictured above are from my Uncle Larry and Aunt Eileen--they arrived the other day with a note saying that 50 deserves to be celebrated for more than one day!! Could not agree more HUGS to all!!!

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